1. Ian Witts

    New Introduction and USB Dock / Sound Issue

    Hi All, I'm a SurfaceBook 2 owner and have been for a good 6 months or so, so hello to all other Surface people! I found the site because I have a really annoying issue and would love to know if others have the same or could even replicate it? Since flashing my Surface Dock to the latest...
  2. L

    Lose network connections when locked.

    Seems like no matter what power option I tweak, I always lose my network connections when I lock my tablet. I have an SP4 with a docking station. I use the ethernet port in the docking station as well as 2 USB ethernet dongles connected to a usb hub that is connected to the docking station. I...
  3. C

    Surface Dock USB Problems

    There have in the past been messages going back years about Surface dock issues. None have actually helpful or current answers. I have a Pro 4 and Dock. Recently I have been having problems with a wired USB mouse plugged into the dock. It frequently disconnects and then reconnects. I have...
  4. A

    Docking Station That Supports 3 Screens

    Hi, we are looking for docking stations that have 3 display ports, USB ports and an Ethernet port. Do these exist? I can't find anything online.
  5. R

    Surface Dock Wall Holder

    Hi, Is there anything that can hold Surface Dock on the wall pretty good? I just thought of placing my Surface Dock on the wall, because….I can... Any good ideas?
  6. S

    SB-2 External Vs Internal SSD conundrum

    I am currently using a Surface Pro 4 and am out of storage and need more power. Going to move up to the SB2 15" Classic question: Is it worth Nutting up for internal SSD on the SB2 or is an External SSD the better bang for the buck? The delta on the the 256 Vs 1TB internal SSD is ~ $900...
  7. W

    Setting up 2 docking stations

    Good Evening, I have a surface dock, it works perfect i run two LG monitors, a usb hub, external HD, CD drive, wireless keyboard and mouse, it all works perfectly with my SP3. However, my girlfriend got a Dell laptop. Is there a way to split the monitor signals and all of the USB connections...
  8. T

    Dock Problems with Multiple Displays

    Hi, I'm using the new dock with a surface pro 4 and two displays. First time I plugged them all in it was great. All working well, I could extend the display from the surface pro across my two monitors with no problem. Then, after a shutdown it stopped working. Three displays are...
  9. C

    Solved Dock not seen @ startup

    I just bought a pro-4 today along with the dock station. I've noticed each time at startup that the dock is not being recognized and what I mean is the usb devices plugged into the dock. I have to unplug the main connection to computer and plug back in. Is there a setting I need to adjust? I...
  10. surfdock

    HowTo SP4 ergonomic workstation charity auction build

    This is Glenn's workstation we built together one weekend. I've been helping folks around the world build ergonomic workstations with my open-source design. Find out more: Charity Auction Surface Battlestation
  11. J

    Surface Book Glitches With External Monitors and Dock

    I currently run 2 - 22" Wide Flat Panel Dell monitors (2208WFPt) connected to the surface book dock. My issue is that when I disconnect and reconnect the dock my display glitches big time. (large fonts, rearranged icons, tool bar icons disappearing) I can eventually get it right by unplugging...
  12. R

    Surface Dock and Ultra Wide Monitor

    I have a Surface book and a Surface Dock. I also have an LG Ultra Wide monitor and a second monitor. Am I correct that the HDMI cable I have connected to my Ultra Wide should connect to the Mini Display Port adapter and then the Mini Display Port Adapter connects to the dock? This is the way I...
  13. P

    Surface Dock Makes High Pitch Sound....

    When I have multiple USB ports being used... I haven't attempted a 2nd or third display, but just from an external HD (seagate 4TB slim portable) and a couple of other usb devices it makes this awful high pitch sound. It's almost not noticeable until you are right next to it, but now, when I'm...
  14. S

    screen goes black and them comes back

    i have a surface book, connected to 2 external monitors through the surface book dock. periodicity one of the two screens will go black, and then come back after a few seconds. its like the video driver goes to sleep and then wakes up. Any idea what is going on, and how to fix. thanks.
  15. S

    Settings for docking

    I use the Microsoft Surface Dock connected to 2 external monitors via mini display port to HDMI connection. I frequenter un-dock and dock my computer to go to meetings throughout the day. the problem i am having is that when i re-connect my Surface Book to the dock, the system does not come up...
  16. K

    Swtched to mDP - DP and Second Monitor Wont Work

    I just switched my Surface Book Dock to dual mDP - DP cables and I cannot get my second monitor to work properly. I can see both in the Device Manager but not in the Display Properties. Both monitors work on mDP - HDMI, Help!!!!
  17. J

    Docking Station AC Cord Question

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro (yes I know this is the SP3 forum, hear me out). I am thinking about buying a new dock off of Ebay, someone's selling it because it shipped without a power cord. I'd like to buy a power cord for it, but the only ones that are being sold on Ebay are SP3 Docking Station...
  18. K

    Dock - nothing but trouble

    Surface Book i7 512 (just opened yesterday). A plethora of issues and I'm on my second dock with no resolution! Connecting anything USB is mostly broken. I cannot connect even something simple like a USB mouse or keyboard; the Book doesn't beep; it's like it isn't detecting the connections...
  19. C

    Doc and PC display properties

    I am new to Windows 10 and have the i7 SB with the SB Dock. I understand that the SB has a huge display and that it is scaled to 200% as it was shipped. I have an Hp 2311x monitor that I want to use with the doc. The issue is that when I connect, I cannot get the monitor to keep the...
  20. M

    HELP : SP3, WIN10, DOCK, No Local Area Connection

    My wife has a Surface Pro 3 that sits in a Microsoft Dock. We are not sure when the problem started but while the SP3 can connect to our WIFI just fine, I can't get the Ethernet port on the dock to be recognized by the SP3. Device Manager > Network Adapter > Surface Ethernet Adapter present...