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Setting up Skydrive on SP1 before getting SP3 Plan/Questions


When I got my SP1 the wifi was so unreliable I couldn't use Skydrive. Early experiences were extremely rough and I couldn't figure how to make stuff available offline without keeping 2 copies, so I kept my stuff on the SP1's SSD. That has changed (somewhat - I've still got the worst cable company in the US according to CR), and I'm ready to get the SP3.

What I want to do is dock my SP1 on the desk, replacing my Windows 7 Sony All in One, sort through its data and move anything important (like tax and business records well as x86 applications) to the SP1. Then I will use the SP3 for almost everything else.

Skydrive wise, I think this means move My Documents to Skydrive, and make My Documents Available Offline. Then when the SP3 sets up, they should popup. I'd like to make My Documents on the SP3 available offline as well.

- Is moving My Documents a bad idea, should I just move the folders in it?

- Do I put My Documents in the "Root" (as it were) of Skydrive, or the existing Documents Directory (I'd prefer the "root" unless there was an advantage to the existing Documents Directory)?

- Do documents "available offline" appear to be available in My Documents (which has been moved to Skydrive) when you are in fact offline, or are they elsewhere?

- How do I point the SP3's My Documents location at the Skydrive My Documents Directory?

- Can I also make the SP3's Skydrive My Documents available offline (pretty complex synchronization here)?

- I have made the assumption that since "Skydrive is now Onedrive" I can ignore the fact they both show up in File Explorer and move the stuff to the Icon/location labeled "Skydive", is this wrong/a mistake?

Thanks in advance.



Went to Microsoft online help and got answers for moving documents to Skydrive, prior to retiring the Surface Pro 1 to the desk and getting and setting up a new Surface Pro 3, summarized below:

1. Don't move "My Documents" as recommended by at least 2 articles, Move the folders and files in My Documents.

2. Even though the SP1 shows both "Skydrive and "Onedrive" as locations in File Explorer and "Skydrive is now Onedrive" don't move the files and folders to the "Skydrive" location, move them (and anything in "Skydrive") to the "Onedrive" location in File Explorer.

3. Put the document files and folders in the Document Folder in Onedrive, not the "root".

4. Make the folders I want to have access to when the net is inaccessible (that is all of them) "Available Offline" on both computers.

5. The files that are "Available Offline" will appear to be in the same (Onedrive) location (cached) when the net is unavailable to File Explorer, Office, whatever, rather than archived elsewhere in a different structure.

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