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Short question for Start&Test my SP3


Just got my SP3 I5/128, so far it looks nice (no yellow line, not to hot, …)
I'm not used to Win 8, so I have to do my 14-days tests in desktop mode.

When I click in Win7 on the Start button left/below I see several programs and a line “all programs”. I can put program icons into this menu and so I have access to all programs (my own and all system programs).

How can I get such a taskbar/menu in Win8?

Thanks for help.


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I used to use Start8 by Stardock, check it out.

I've now adapted to the new methods and actually don't use a start menu anymore.


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You pretty much have to use a 3rd party app like Start8 for that.

Workarounds are pinning apps to the Taskbar. putting shortcuts on the desktop or in folders on the desktop and enabling the Desktop Tool Bar in the Taskbar Options.