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Webcam light flashing on and off during skype call


Hi all,

New to my surface. Only had it a few weeks. Bought it a few days before the new processor came out so was a bit pissed off about that for a while, but have realised the 4200 is the fastest machine I own so it feels just fine to me 

Have noticed a few times when making a Skype call that the light on the webcam goes off every now and then and picture is interrupted. Has anyone else seen this happen?




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I haven't seen that behavior. Sorry. Does it happen in other apps? Does it happen with both front and rear cameras?


I have not experienced this. There are a few family members I have to stay in contact with that use skype versus gtalk unfortunately. Are you using metro skype app or desktop?


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I've had that happen, but most likely because one of us had bad connection...
When the data cannot be delivered the cam is temporarily shut down till the stream is re-established, I think.


Thanks for the replies guys. I was using metro Skype with the front camera, which is why I could see the light going on and off. Connection was fine as far as other party's video and audio went. Just my video went down when then light flashed. I had previously been playing a game of radiant defense which is quite a power hog so it could have been interfering in the background... i'll try a few more calls and see what happens when I've clean booted the machine.