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Slight separation between bezel and glass


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Best way to identify the batch is posting the Lot number from the white sticker on the box. The 14xx number.

Okay, thanks. Mine was from Lot No./Date (batch): 1435. It's weird that the same issue is present on a unit purchased in the UK and in the US. I doubt they would be from the same batch.


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Press it in, one of three things will happen. 1. Nothing its unchanged. 2.it snaps into place and is fixed. 3. It breaks.

I'd first try with a ruler on top to press evenly, then will a little oomph over the spot if its still popping up.

OR... whatever you're thinking now ;)


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Dear Jimizzle,

Thank you for posting your picture. I don´t see exactly what the location of your issue is. Can you please tell me exactly? Is the bezel that is not flush or the screen?

I bought mine at the Microsoft store in San Diego, California.

The issue is near the top right corned (when holding the device in landscape with the windows key on the right).

I think I have 2 issues: The plastic antenna housing isn't flush with the rest of the magnesium casing AND the screen is slightly raised.
Together, these 2 issues put the glass in even more danger.:(
I have the first issue of the plastic housing not being completely flush with the magnesium casing but not glass issues. My device is running perfect and honestly it's something you have to look for or run your finger across to even notice it. Plus I ordered a folio case for it so it should cover it http://www.amazon.com/MoKo-Microsof...Microsoft+Surface+Pro+3+12+Inch+Tablet,+BLACK . If you don't have the Microsoft Complete coverage then I'd probably take it in for an exchange since the screen is raised.