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Solved Snap Apps Not Installed by Default

Brian Stauffer

New Member
I just purchased a new Surface Pro 3 and have not used Windows 8.1 before. I have been unable to figure out how to snap apps that are not installed by default (they show up under desktop). As an example, if you open up "Mail" and "Store", they will both show in the recently used apps on the left panel that shows when you swipe out then back. However, if I also open up "Chrome" and "Word" then a "Desktop" options show in the recently used apps, instead of showing "Word" and "Chrome" as apps. So my questions are:
1. Can I get Word, Chrome, etc. to show up in the recently used apps?
2. If the above answer is no, can I open multiple desktops? If so, how?
3. How do I snap so Chrome and Word are shown side by side?

I feel like these are all trivial questions, but I've been searching for hours without finding any relevant information. Thanks in advance for the help!


Staff member
The Desktop is another App in Windows 8.1 so it will snap whatever desktop application that has focus if you are also snapping a MUI (Store) App. You can snap 2 desktop applications the same way as you did in Windows 7.

This behavior changes in Windows 10, MUI Apps will behave like desktop applications.

Multiple desktops will appear in Windows 10 as well...