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What Apps Do you Snap?


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I thought it would be interesting to hear what apps everyone is snapping?

My favorite thus far has been the mail and music apps. I've also recently been snapping the CNN app in place so that I can be aware of the latest headlines.

What apps are taking up 1/3 of your screen?
I am usually doing school stuff so I will have textbook in the 1/3 portion and varying things open in the rest.
Tweetro+ while I surf the web and watch the Super Bowl. The need for two hands on the tablet is messing with my beer enjoyment though.:cool2:
Check out the tool box app. It is a great one for snapping allowing multiple windows in the sidebar.
What exactly is the Tool Box app?

Toolbox for Windows 8 for Windows 8 on Great Windows Apps

Right side snap is tool box in this pic :)

SongAviary, which is the only usable music app I have found on the app store. Also Skype is great in 1/3 more because you can get video on top, chat on bottom, and still have 2/3 of your screen to do work. Score.