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So Febreze isn't good for my Surface


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No, I wasn't trying to refresh it. It was on the table, evidently sitting not far enough away from our 2 week old 64gb Surface RT. Bottle got knocked over & leaked on the lcd. Long story short, lcd is blank, but when connected to external HDMI, unit is frozen on splash screen.

I usually never buy extended warranty, but bought the last unit @ local WalMart for $249 & the warranty was only $28 so I splurged - it covers anything. This may sound stupid, but what I'm worried about is they won't be able to fix it & won't have any units on hand & I'll just get my money back. I know that sounds crazy, but that's how much my wife & I both are liking it.

I told my wife to tell them the truth, since it said covers spills, accidents, & such. Lady told her we'd get our unit fixed or a new one. Same $28 warranty will still apply should we have another claim(s) for next 2 yrs. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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I'm sorry for the spill but if it makes you feel any better the warranty sounds like it was worth every penny.

They call those no-fault warranties and are the best when the price is right.
Yeah sounds like a good deal! Although I have everything covered under my house insurance which is free for any device up to the value of £1,500 :)