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Some Custom Tiles I made


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I hate using the default tiles that Windows makes. I made tiles to replace the default ones using Photoshop and I used OblyTile to add the tiles to the Start Screen.

Acrobat1.png AfterFX1.png Bridge1.png Illustrator1.png InDesign1.png Photoshop1.png Premiere1.png SketchbookPro1.png SketchbookPro2.png


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how do you apply these in Win 10 on the start menu? I have some IE shortcuts to websites I've put on my Start Menu, and haven't seen a way to change the icon.


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You've made some really great tiles. I always get tired of looking at the same old tiles. Is there a way to create live tiles? That would be awesome. Like a tile with a stock price and some other info, and they just change from one to another based off a list that someone could have put together.

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