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Sometimes my Surface Pro 3 will be on when I'm not using it

Zo Shah

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Hi guys

This has been happening to me ever since I got the SP3. I'm not sure what's going on. Let's say I hit the power button after I'm done using it... not to shut it down ,but just to put it on standby/turn the screen of or whatever. Then, I'll come back to it an hour later, and my SP3 will feel hot. I open up the type cover, and the screen is on for some reason, even though I haven't touched it in an hour.

I was charging my SP3 earlier today. Once it was finished, I took it off the charger. The screen was off, and I closed the type cover. When I came back to it about an hour later, the screen was on again even though I hadn't used it at all. Why is the device screen on when I haven't even touched it? There is no reason the screen should be on.... Is there some kind of setting I have enabled? I tried reading the power management sticky, but it seemed like a foreign language to me to be honest. I'm not the most tech savy.

Thanks in advance!


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you might have an app that is running in the background, as for your Logitech KB/mouse is that connected to your Surface? if not then obviously that has nothing to do with it... I would check what is running on the SP3 in the task manager, also when you want to put your SP3 to sleep I just close the KB and that puts my SP3 to sleep...


Mine's the opposite. The screen always stays on and the screensaver doesn't even pop up even though I have it set at 1 minute. I have to make it a habit of pressing the power button when I leave for extended periods or else I'll come home with the screen at the desktop and no screensaver active.