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SP2, IE11 and Webex


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I can only get Webex to work with Chrome, not IE. Works fine with earlier IE versions. Seems to be a Webex issue. My search on their site and general web searches are fruitless.

Just wondering if any gurus here figured out a work around. Metro would be ideal, but desktop would be fine with me so I can have IE as default browser and link directly to meetings from my calendar vs Chrome as default.


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Weird, I luckily haven't needed to join a Webex Meeting since I upgraded to 8.1. I use Lync 2013 for 98% of my Conference Calls and then the other 2% are PSTN Bridges or GoToMeeting by Citrix...


If it helps here's a WebEx test meeting you can use during debug
Join a Test Meeting: WebEx

I suspect if you turn off IE's Enhanced Protection Mode (Internet Options, Advanced) you'll be OK

Add: As noted you will need to reboot your SP after making the change


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Thanks, Rvacha.

No luck though. I call uncle and will just use Chrome for it. I would love to get it working but something definitely awry that a settings combo isn't resolving.


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It looks like Webex doesn't have an official discussion board, and if you're a free user or client-side, you may not be able to get in touch with Webex support, but that's something to look into somehow--perhaps even just an email to them if you can't get proper support from Cisco. Asking on the MS Answers board wouldn't hurt either (probably under Internet Explorer 11). IE11 is only going to gain more marketshare, so these issues need to get on their radar...