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Solved connected to wifi but no internet access


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Make sure it has the same problem with other WiFi networks in other locations. Your location (electronic or cross-channel interference) may be the problem, so that needs to be ruled out. Take your device out to a different location, and connect to networks there, as a test


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Already done, this literally has noting to do with my wifi, I've actually taken it to two hotels and the problem persists. This has everything to do with the surface and drivers/updates as far as I can tell.


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Hi I'm having the same problem as Claraw681 on my surface rt I tried to find this IPV6 but can't I completely don't know what to do


I had this exact issue for a period of weeks, not on any of my Surfaces, but on a Gigabyte laptop during Dec-Jan.

To get internet connectivity, it was a case of turn off WiFi, remove the drivers, reboot. It'd then be okay until the next reboot, when I had to do the dance again. Then after some further MS updates the problem went away & it's been fine since.


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Hi guys,

Hope that you can help me with my problem.

My friend has a Surface Pro 3. It is company provided. They are required to change the user's password every 2mos I think. She changed her password and got the account locked out. She works at the Netherlands and just having a vacation outside the country. She contacted their IT team at the Netherlands to reset the password and they sent the new password to her. However, the laptop need to be connected to the internet so that it could detect the password reset did by their IT team.

My question is how can we connect it to the internet if she's not able to log in?