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SP3 Running Wonderfully with 10 Anniversary Update and Ad Block Plus


Wasn't a fan of what W10 did to my 8.1 SP3 tablet, but this is definitely an upgrade from both 8.1 and previous W10. Morning browsing with edge took half the time, it took before the upgrade.

Chose Ad Block Plus over Ad Block because of slightly better reviews. Can't say AB+ is better, but it is definitely a pleasure.

Kudos to MS.


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Ditto from me too. I'm really happy to have swiping back for internet pages when in tablet mode, and Edge is greatly improved with Adblock (I haven't tried Adblock Pro yet).
I've installed Win10 AU on three desktops (homebuilt), two tablets (my SP3 and an HP Stream 7 --- now that was a challenge) and a Surface Book, and they're all running great. Solid update.