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SP4 Screen burning marks


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I have my Surface Pro 4 (512 i7, SSD, 16GB, 1800 euro ex vat.) for 2 years and 8 months.

A month ago I got two burning marks, left and right in the screen. Now, there is another one at the bottom.

I contacted Microsoft in Amsterdam, and although they were very friendly and helpful, they could not put this under extended warranty.

(I also have an Asus laptop, 7 years old, never off, half the price, and no screen issue at all)

The only offer Microsoft could make is to replace my SP4 for a refurbished one, for 450 Euro, with 3 months warranty. This means in principle this could start again in a few month, if that machine was refurbished for another reason than the screen. Although it was mentioned that only 1% of the machines have this issue (of course mine), I have read several cases of this problem, which gets worse very fast.

I think a machine of this caliber and price should not have such a problem.