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SP4 - what case/cover/sleeve/??? are you using


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I'm trying to find something decent that works well for the SP4, and I'm curious what you're using - AND WHY. Please don't say "I've got an XYZ brand blah-de-blah" without saying WHY you like it, what you don't like, etc. I'm looking for those who have already ventured out and gotten something, and may not like it (or do like it), but most importantly - WHY.

  • Must hold the SP4, and attached keyboard.
  • Have a decent place for the pen - either in a special sleeve/pocket, or some kind of holder.
  • If it's some kind of carrying case - then it must also have the ability to take the power supply.


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The one I got from the Microsoft Store is more than capable. Got it with the Complete package. Made by HEX. I even manage to add a BT mouse to the pocket.


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Ok, TECHNICALLY it's not a "case", but this is the bag I use:

Bag of Holding - Con-Survival Edition

I do a lot of travelling for work [and by travelling, I mean cross country flights], and I need something that will store my travel laptop [SP4 ATM] + charger, + battery charger for phones, cables, etc.

It's actually a bit overkill [it fits my 2015 Razer blade, though it's a snug fit] but for the price you can't beat the storage [I can fit my over ear headphones in this bag + SP4 + everything else and still have tons of room left over]

The shoulder strap is actually REALLY comfortable, padded, and typically stays where it's left.


Like leeshor, I got the Hex sleeve with my Complete package. Fits well. There is a loop in the outer zipper for the pen. While the outer zipper compartment is not super large I can manage to fit the charger and my bluetooth mouse in there.