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SP4 will not connect to a specific wifi network


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I have had this issue for a number of years now. Every time I try to connect to the wifi network at my in-law's home, my Surface Pro 4 will say it Can't connect to this network. Eventually, after 10-60 minutes, It will randomly connect and be fine for a while, but often disconnects after an hour or so. It will do this every time whether I reset my PC, router, network adapters, I've tried everything I can think of. I had this exact same issue with a surface pro 3 I had a number of years ago. Anybody ever had a similar issue or have any ideas how to solve it? Thanks.


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Keep in mind that older routers (espeically 2.4Ghz only) are prone to interference from other devices (Home Phones, remotes, gaming devices etc). Perhaps manually changing the routers signal channel, or ensuring nothing is set up really close to the router might help. Since you can connect, but get booted - I would tend to think its interference. There are many variables, I thought I would start here.