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SP6 Wintab driver?


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As far as I can find, the last official release of a Wintab driver was for the SP4. I'm wary to try installing that and go screwing up my pen functionality in ways that are hard to roll back, so I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has run up against this dilemma and found a solution. The newer API that Microsoft has for pressure sensitivity works well in everything that I've tested, but sadly isn't compatible in combination with Lazy Nezumi Pro in some programs (Firealpaca, Krita, and openCanvas7 to name a few that I've tested). Upon contacting Lazy Nezumi's creator, he suggests that it's likely due to needing a Wintab driver for those programs to work, but notes exactly what I've found to be the case, which is that SP6 doesn't have any Wintab drivers.

Thankfully LNP still works well with Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint, so my core workflow isn't too put off by this whole incompatibility issue, but it would still be nice if I could use it in some of those other programs as well. Still, I suppose I should be happy I at least have pressure sensitivity for everything I've tested, since that's never been a guarantee with past SP devices without juggling drivers and praying, so getting LNP into the mix is more of a luxury.

Anyhoo, just leaving this here to bait anyone who might come along with a tasty answer one day!