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Splashtop gaming on the Surface Pro


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While it is nice that the Pro can handle a of games on low to medium settings, I prefer to stream games via Splashtop to my Pro in order to get the best possible quality (Tomb Raider on Ultimate @ 1080p on the Pro is a sight to behold haha). Running all settings on ultra over a solid wifi network looks amazing on the Pro, but I do have 1 issue with it.
Direct screen access. Currently Splashtop does not support full screen access on the server computer. So I am forced to manually set up borederless fullscreen profiles prior to playing on the pro.

Has anyone been able to get around this obstruction and play streamed games on the Pro w/o having to modify game settings? Or is there any program similar to Splashtop that has this feature?
Awesome idea, will try this as soon as my pro is here!!

In my experiences with Splashtop I've always thought it an excellent program but that limitation does seem very odd and I too would love to know a work around... also how you set up a borderless window? Thanks!