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Still having wifi issues and dropping connectivity


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Im on my 3rd Surface Pro 2 now all with consistent wifi issues. I really like this thing and want to make it work, but like the rest of the world I need a consistent, reliable internet connection. So here are the fixes Ive done and all the relevant info I can think of:

disable selective sleep settings in "advanced power plan"
disable "allow computer to shut this device off when on battery" in network adapter power management
disable ipv6 connections

Router - Buffalo N300 DD-WRT with latest firmware
wireless security-WPA2
2.4ghz only and N disabled
No MAC filtering or anyhting like that
uninstalled wireless drivers
updated firmware, reloaded firmware
Factory reload

Im at a loss. I dont have these issues with any other device on the network including a Yoga 2 Pro and windows 8 desktop. and a host of other devices and laptops. So whats left?
Thats really not an option. The level of configuration I would have to do to get all my servers and things back to normal, id rather just take the thing back and forget I ever even tried this. The router 6 months old and on the approved list of "these routers work with our stuff" page MS put out.
Well, another option is to get a new router and use it as an extender and use the Surface to connect to it. It sucks to have to get a new router to get WiFi to work, but you don't have to replace your current. Just connect the new router through ethernet. I have a Linksys E3000 and it works great with the Surface Pro 2 using 5Ghz band.

You can always return the new router if you still have this problem, and then return the Surface.
I have a couple old routers I could try that with. I have an old linksys 54g if it doesnt work with that i dont know what it will. Sorry i dont mean to come off crappy. Its just way more work tjen its worth to have to set up a router from scratch for a new toy.

In the mean time does anyone have any other ideas?
My SP2 works perfectly with the router that came with my Verizon Fios service -- guess I should knock on wood ;-)
I was originally reluctant to buy the surface because of reported wifi issues such as limited connections, but I bought the surface pro 2 and have never had a problem. My current router is a netgear nighthawk. Before that I used a Linksys 3000, again no problems.
2.4ghz only and N disabled

Here's your problem. The Surface doesn't respond well to 2.4GHz, especially when used with any Bluetooth accessories. You don't need to get a new, dual band router... get an Apple AirPort Express and create a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection with that. That's what I've done and it's ran beautifully since :)
I can confirm, on 2.4 ghz my connection sucks, switching to 5 ghz made it way faster. This is not just a surface problem. I have a Lenovo that came with a crappy 2.4 wifi card, that I had to replace to a 5 ghz one to make it run.
Ok There we go, an actual reason for needing a new router/access point. If theres fact or data behind it I can buy it, and be willing to put the work in. But trying a new router to try a new router just doesn't cut it for me. I think my router is a single band but Ill have to log into it and check. I appreciate the help guys and feel free to keep dropping ideas, but this sounds like it might be it.
I'm with the others, 5GHz is the way to go, I get great WiFi on the 5GHz Band and can us e Bluetooth. The Marvell Wireless Card has WiFi and Bluetooth on the same silicon so contention is very high.
I'd have to think router issue as well, not to be repetitive here, but I've also had 3 SP2's for various other hardware problems, but can honestly say that WiFi connectivity has never been an issue in any of the units. I do however, use N on 2.4 ghz and have recently switched the SP2 to connect to the 5ghz band.

This is with a EA4500 router.