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strange keyboard weirdness


I use Zbrush on my SP3 with a Razor Orbweaver gaming keypad for my most used keyboard shortcuts mapped to it. One of the shortcuts was programmed to use CTRL+SHIFT+Z to redo but for some reason I lost my keymapping and set about resetting it. I managed to set up all of my shortcuts apart from ctrl shift z. No matter what I tried it would not accept all 3 key presses for the shortcut. I use a SP2 type cover with my SP3 as it is not possible to use the on screen keyboard to program the shortcuts. Scratching my head for a few weeks I just could not set up the shortcut, until last night: I detached the keyboard and paired my Mac Bluetooth keyboard with my SP3 and, sure enough, I could now set up the ctrl shift z shortcut - which leads me to believe there is a problem with the type cover. Incidentally, the caps lock button no longer lights up either. The keyboard has not been mishandled or dropped and has no physical damage so I wonder if there is a problem with the driver.

Anybody else have any strange problem with a type cover?


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sounds more like a hardware than a software problem, but what you can do is uninstall the keyboard from the control panel and then reboot the SP3 and then re-install the keyboard and see if that clears it out, OR go to a Best Buy store and see if you can try another keyboard...

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