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Strength of magnetic strip in gauss or mTesla


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Played with the Surface at a Microsoft store yesterday and saw how strong the magnet is for the cover, which is great, but I have a defibrillator and cannot be too near strong magnets! So... how strong is this magnet in gauss/mTesla in the magnetization axis of the magnet? Does anybody know? Microsoft store staff did not.
Any suggestions as who to ask?
I would suggest consulting your doctor actually That isn't something that is going to readily available and maybe not even something testable for the vast majority. I hope it turns out to be in an acceptable range for you.
This is just a SWAG but unless you rest it directly on your chest it shouldn't be a problem. Even then it's doubtful. The magnet is only strong in very close quarters, however as JP said your Doc should be the final arbiter. Purchase, take it to him and if he nixes it take it right back.
Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I already have been given caution recommendations re my cell phone and mp3 from my doc in the past. She gave me a number to look for in the future: <5 gauss or 0.5 mTesla so I figured I'd ask you techie people :D
Probably a better source of technical information might come from the manufacturer of the pacemaker device itself (e.g. Medtronic). The number of the regional representative should be available on-line or through your cardiologist's office.