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Stylus Using Apps?


Active Member
So which apps takes advantage of the stylus that comes along with the Pro?

The ones I know of are OneNote and Fresh Paint.

Windows journal. Your office 365 apps that you were peddling on another thread:wink:. Just hover the pen over them and the pen setting will show up in the menu...Also, In the app store inspirARTion for drawing with funky brush tips.
Sketchbook supports pressure sensitivity.
I just downloaded InspirARTion and will play around with it this evening, looks cool though.
In the last release I've added a stylus pressure support. So now you can choose fixed line width (as before) or line width depend on pressure (see Size menu). And BTW it's amazing to use stylus with the Trace feature. My example

just purchased the inspiration app. support the developers. especially if they take the time to join and interact with forum on feedback for improvement. looking forward to using it.