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Suddenly cannot buy apps


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Even though I was able to buy same apps, saying that the last one was bought about 3 weeks before, now whenever I try to buy a new one it says that there is problem with my payment details. To be more specific when I created my live account and that was around 2003 I had linked my corporate account to live. Even though I live in Europe my account had regional settings set to US. My mistake I know.
That has been real pain for me ever since cause I cannot buy any apps with that account for my windows phone !!!.
When I bought surface though Microsoft introduced PayPal as an option so with that account and settings on surface set to Greece where I live, I was able to buy apps. But not anymore.
I had real problems moving country with PayPal, eBay, Microsoft and the like. It'd be worth the time digging through each of their FAQ's and confirming you've done the right thing to make sure your account shows "correctly" with them.
My Surface stopped allowing me to buy apps with some "payment error" too, even though it had allowed me to the day before. I did a full reset and it was fine. Not a solution really, but it might be worth a go.