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Whilst waiting for my Surface2 I thought I'd brighten up my wife's ipad 4;-)


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Well I've had my Surface2 for about 12 hours now and I'm over it. I so much wanted the Surface2 to work smoothly and be just like my wife's ipad 4 but better. This is not the case so I'm returning it to the retailer in the morning. I can't see that the pro2 would be worth twice the price. The concept is good but the reality falls far too short. I was hoping the ipad would be iced but the reverse happened;-)

I'm curious also as everything ice seen, even the 14hrs. and 22 mins. Of battery life on Engadget test, shows it as a top notch device. Every video shows it very fast. Don't forget apple is simple and runs an OW far less capable than RT.
The pro is not even in same class as Ipad. The pro is a full blown computer. Ipad is a toy consumption device. Lol
As Kayzee asked, I am also interested in learning what you found problematic with the S2. What did you expect? And, what did the S2 bring to the table to disappoint you?
When someone doesn't list any reasons, I just assume he couldn't live up to the expectations of the device. ;)
seriously! the OP seems to blowing smoke! cannot FATHOM how the S2 didn't blow the ipad out of the water! tsk!
Yeah, the OP should provide specifics. I can't be the only one who takes the time to do that. If you cannot fathom how the S2 doesn't blow the iPad4 out of the water, consider yourself lucky. LOL
The post mortem; First impressions were nice looking unit but felt a bit strange in the hand.ie unbalanced but likely because I wasn't used to it. Booted it up and went thru the ownership schedule.
First thing I did was check for updates. Everything went Ok. Unable to launch browser' check address unable to load page' This seemed to be intermittent as chrome would load but Internet Explorer would not.

The charms bar would not appear after some useage.tried shutting down etc to no avail. Ended up doing a ? Default refresh? And installed updates again.Charmes returned.I've been using Win8 Pro since January this year so I'm reasonable familiar with the OS. The browser issues continued much to my joy;-)

The wireless router is at arms reach but the wireless bars on the surface rarely reached full strength. I originally wanted the Surface to RDT via TeamViewer which I installed and tested.Very leggy.So I tried the MS RDT and .....perfect although it did drop out but reconnected.
I had read during researching the RT that the Marvel wifi was not always so marvellous. I had the unit freeze whilst showing my wife the time required to boot up. Try as I may I was unable to shut it down. The unit became quite hot during this phase and eventually shutdown. Rebooted OK but the browser problems continued. And on it went.........

I've used nothing but MS products since 1995. To be honest I thought 'This reminds me of Win 98 SE' the uncertainty of the system wanting to reboot etc.

Life is short.
I'm an end user not a beta tester.
I was disappointed by the boot times and app loads.What I love about the ipad....instant on

I was wearing shorts when during the 'getting to know you' period and FYI the kickstand edge is so sharp it left deep grooves in the tops of my legs.Also I received mild electric shocks from the contact with my legs and the kickstand edge.

I have no axe to grind. The only mobile device in the house is my wife's iPad4 purchased so she would be eased into the internet and be able to be online banking savy etc. So this is what I have been able to compared the S2 's performance with. All my prop apps are Win based. I need rock solid hardware and software.......I trade the currency mkts.

This has been my experience with the S2 others may have a totally different result.