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Surface Go 3 LTE GPS Time Sync possible?


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Hello all!

I am a new Microsoft Surface go 3 LTE user. I just got mine today and it is such a great device!

However the issue I am having is I would like to grab the time via GPS for when I do remote amateur radio. I used to use a USB GPS dongle but from what I'm understanding is there is a built-in one however I am not finding the serial port number.

GPS works fine even without internet for Microsoft Maps etc just not for grabbing data from it.

The software I am using looks for a comport to identify the GPS in order to grab the current time from the GPS satellites.

I did read a few forum posts about virtualizer to make the internal GPS have a comport but I could not find any information on how to get that to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
do you have a more detailed name or link for "virtualizer", who made it etc. The term seems generic and applies to different technologies/solutions.

I see some internet posts about using the Pro X GPS from Nov 2019 ... which went unanswered by Microsoft. This leads me to suspect they haven't implemented anything for this in their drivers etc.