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Surface 3 Sleep/Wake Issues


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Surface 3 running Windows 10 with MS Surface Keyboard. All current updates installed as of this week.

Whenever I put the Surface to sleep by folding up the keyboard, the keyboard and trackpad become inoperative. This is 100% reproducible. A restart is required to restore functionality, which leads me to believe this is a software issue.

When I look at Device Manager during the keyboard's inoperative state, it shows that the drivers for the keyboard are not installed. Somehow, putting it to sleep unloads (or does something) to the drivers.

If I put the Surface to sleep using the menu while the keyboard is open, I can still wake it by pressing the keys on the keyboard. There are no issues with dirty contacts between the keyboard and the Surface.

Anyone else experience this? I am tempted to actually call MS Support and/or stop by a MS Store.


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I absolutely have this issue as well. I also have the touch screen lock up every once in a while and stop registering touches.