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Surface App vs Surface Hub App on Surface Pro 3


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My SPro3 has the Surface App installed, evidently from the OEM. I am using Windows Update Manager (WUMgr.exe) and only WUMgr to manage Windows Updates. WUMgr is showing history back to 12-20-19 that multiple attempts have been made by other software to update an app named Surface Hub whenever I am connected to my WiFi. I connect to WiFi only when making updates or downloading reading material. So far it is without success and fails or aborts as many as 6 times a day. So far this has not changed my system, but it is cluttering up my Update History log as seen in the screenshot.

I did not find a Surface Hub app in the Microsoft Store and have found no evidence that Surface Hub currently exists on my device. From reviewing other sources it appears that Surface App has replaced Surface Hub, perhaps several years ago and Surface Hub now relates to collaborative hardware devices. True?

Any ideas why my system is trying to update Surface Hub?

How do I block it from doing this?

WUMgr History 2020-06-07 1618.png