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Solved Surface Hub not workng



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Yeah that's strange. I don't have much software installed yet so I guess it's not that. But you never know :/


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I just reinsalled my whole system, now it instantly worked :)

Just wondering though, how hard can I press on the screen with the pen? It's far better now but I still have to push a bit to make it draw as thick as with the finger. Don't want to break it :) But it's cool how it is, being able to do some pressure to make it draw thicker


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hi guys, i have a problem with one of my Sruface Hubs, itworks fine when switched on but when it goes to slee it doesn't wake back up when i walk near it, the power button flashes white but i cant get it to turn back on without unplugging it and plugging back in - any ideas on its power mode, i have checked it against the others i have set up and they are all set to the same.
any ideas guys?
laura x
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