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  1. W

    Surface App vs Surface Hub App on Surface Pro 3

    My SPro3 has the Surface App installed, evidently from the OEM. I am using Windows Update Manager (WUMgr.exe) and only WUMgr to manage Windows Updates. WUMgr is showing history back to 12-20-19 that multiple attempts have been made by other software to update an app named Surface Hub whenever...
  2. D

    Skype Vidoes on the Surface Hub Limitations

    Hello -- Does anyone know if there is a way to have more than two Skype video windows showing on the Surface Hub during a Skype call? We have been testing and if we have three or four Skype users, only two show and then as they talk, they will switch, but only two at a time. Any information...
  3. M

    Surface Hub Gets Microsoft Whiteboard With Windows 10 Creators Update

    The official Microsoft Windows blog has today announced that it has started rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update for Surface Hub. Ryan Gavin, general manager at Microsoft Devices Marketing, says that in the 14 months since Surface Hub started shipping, there has been an “astounding”...
  4. V

    No OneNote installed, not on the store either?

    Hi, How do you install OneNote on the Surface Hub? According to Surface Hub apps it comes pre-installed, but it isn't. Have applied all available Windows updates as well. Have also noticed when trying to share from Whiteboard, cannot share it as a OneNote document (which is probably because...
  5. M

    Huge Demand for Surface Hub Prompts Microsoft to Add More Resellers

    Microsoft today announced that due to “huge demand” for the Surface Hub in the UK it has increased the number of companies that are authorised to sell the product, with 15 more companies now added to the Microsoft Surface Hub partner program from today. This means more locations where customers...
  6. A

    Exchange Server Address - blocked by current TPM Policy

    Hi all, Having a problem with a 2nd Surface hub we bought. Attaching it to the LAN, it first says it can't connect to exchange autodiscover so needs the info manually, then when we type in the exchange server address, I get the requested operation was blocked by current TPM policy. As far as I...
  7. R

    Active Sync policy error 0x80190197 when setting up Hub

    Hi all, We have a situation where having set up a customer's SH, there is no Exchange connection (no appointments on welcome screen, warning messages etc.). To try to fix this we re-entered Settings, Device account and re-specified the account. At the "Please enter additional information"...
  8. J

    Skype drops calls on connection

    We have a couple of these installed now, and planning on more. The device account is an office 365 account in the cloud. We can use Skype between the screens, but when calling a user who is remote, the call connects, no video or audio then drops a couple of seconds later. Not sure where to being...
  9. A

    New Surface Hub Store failure 80240437

    Hi all, Having problems with our Surface hub 55 inch. Have set up a Microsoft account to gain entry to the App store however whatever apps we try to download, it fails with the error code 0x80240437. The device has open internet access with nothing being blocked on firewall. Searches for that...
  10. I

    Miracast on-screen security code (PIN) on Surface Hub

    To stop any accidental or deliberate ‘cross-casting’ I have enabled the on-screen PIN code that requires a user to type this in before being able to wirelessly connect to the Surface Hub. My issue is that this does not always appear and some users are able to connect without being challenged for...
  11. MattS

    Surface Book + Surface Dock - 'Too Many USB hubs are connected together'

    I've been getting an error (see image below) whenever I disconnect and reconnect my Surface Book to my Surface Dock. My dock is connected to one Anker AH241 USB hub with only two devices plugged into it. Granted, my USB hub is a 13 port, but it never gave me errors when it was connected to a...
  12. P

    Unable to install Surface App after clean install

    I just reinstalled my Surface Pro 4 and can't find or install the Surface App for the pen. I got the i7 512 gb ssd and wanted to partition it, so therefore did a clean install of Windows 10. According to Microsoft I should just have to search for the app in the store, but it can't be found. I...

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