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Solved Surface Book freezing all the time


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I'm having serious problems with my Surface Book (i7 + GPU). It freezes all the time, and nearly never wakes up from sleep. Anyone else experiencing this?
I would get a replacement. Most likely a hardware defect, which Microsoft still hasn't addressed. Updates and system refreshes will not fix it. I'm on a replacement now because my first one froze all the time.


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The problem could be the well-known display driver problem, which Intel and Microsoft are apparently resolving.

Try this next time it freezes: Detach keyboard, Physically remove from hinge, Attach back again

If this solves the problem, your Surface Book is fine (like the rest of us) and the display driver is the problem.


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Worked a few times before the most recent update, which pretty much solidified the freezes. Used to be just the driver that crashed. Now the laptop just freezes and doesn't wake up from sleep. Looks like a firmware update / software issue to me... :(
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