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Noticeable Increase in Surface Book Freezing & Touch Screen Stops Working


Has anyone noticed increased freezing with their Surface Books since the last major update? I've had a dramatic increase in the number of times my Surface Book freezes over the past few weeks. Additionally, at random times, my touchscreen stops working. I can still use my Surface Book using keyboard and track pad, but there is no responsiveness when I touch the screen. Only by restarting it does it work again.


Since the update of 3/22, I've had startup problems with Hello/camera not initiating, numerous instances of the keyboard and trackpad not responding, and screen disconnect problems. All of these systems were working OK before the update. Also, the display will randomly shift to file mgr to show the micro sd drive I keep installed. Edit to add: I see now that Autorotate no longer works upon detaching the screen.
I'm not sure if the update fixed anything for me, but it sure broke a few things.


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Same problem. Hasn't improved for me over the past few months. Have to keep rebooting to fix freeze or touch screen fail. Any ideas?


With the intervening updates, my SB issues are just about nil, except for an occasional failure to boot upon awakening from overnight sleep (the SB, not me).
And the frequent screens of file manager opening up stopped when I went through UEFI and unchecked the reboot option for the usb drive. No more embarrassing interruptions from that.