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Surface Book here...how to confirm


I received my Surface Book this AM. And to make sure I received the correct item ordered (because believe it or not I have received various versions of items I have ordered in the past that were wrong), I went to the About option.

I ordered the 8GB dGPU version paying for the upgrade for better performance, 256 GB option as well.

But under About, there's nothing listed there that tells me that I in fact have the upgraded graphics version.

How can I verify this on the machine?


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In the “Search the web and Windows” type in “System Information” and pull up the program that comes up. About halfway down the page you should see memory and such.

You can also do CTR-ALT-DEL then click “Task Manager” and then click the Performance tab, it should give you memory and CPU info there.


Well, NOW I am concerned, unless I am reading this wrong..Did they ship me the wrong machine?


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