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Surface Book Hinge Issue? Keyboard Lag?


I decided to try and give my SB another try seeing as how it's been 6 months since I last used it and figured updates might have solved an issue I had been having.

Booted it back up 1 week ago, did all the updates and even installed the newest version of Windows 10 (creators) which I really like.


An issue that has plagued me and made me leave this device STILL exists on this machine and so I am thinking it's a hardware issue.

When I got the very first SB, the day it was announced it was pre-ordered, upon receiving it, I had an issue with the screen not able to detach on one side only of the keyboard when pressing the release...Took it to MS store, and they confirmed it was indeed a hardware issue.

Received a new SB.

Got that one up and running and that issue was solved but low and behold, there was this yellowing effect on the left hand side of the screen that really stood out. I brought it to a store again, and they could tell as well. Called MS support, they walked me though some stuff, and sent me ANOTHER SB replacement. Annoying but the machine is beautiful and powerful.

So I received the 3rd replacement and dealt with all the issues everyone else dealt with in overheating, not sleeping, etc. No big deal since I knew I was with a bunch of people and eventually it would get ironed out.


I noticed something else. When I move the screen attached to the base, the keyboard freezes EVERY TIME for about 5-8 seconds and then I can type again. Sometimes it happens even when I just move the entire thing and the screen wiggles a little.

I detached the screen, cleaned all the connectors, reattached and it seemed to solve it. However, every time I power off and power on, the same issue resurfaces...This time however, it stays and issue despite removing and reattaching.

I have actually rebooted my entire machine from scratch to see if that was it, and it remains an issue.

SO -

1. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
2. If so, what if anything was the solution?

I am out of warranty on this device at this point as well and was when I got frustrated and decided to use my older machine 6 months ago. If it cannot be fixed I might just give this to my son and be done with it.