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Surface Charger


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The charger for the Surface is extremely practical. My dogs constantly run around the outlet where I plug in my tablets. I have gone through 4 Xoom chargers because of them tangling with the cord and bending and breaking the connector. The Surface connector pops off as soon as there is pressure. That is a great feature because it saves on chargers.

Surface RT 32GB/ 64GB SD


So, Microsoft had to create a power connector that is cumbersome to connect because a few dog owners can't control their dogs? Sure, makes perfect sense to me. :D


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I here a lot of people mention having trouble attaching the plug but I don't see it. As others mentioned it is easy when you grab the chord about an inch below and hold it by the sp and it snaps into place. For me it does.I do think it would even be easier to connect if it was shaped like a t similar to most other charger out there.


Even though it snaps into place fairly easily, I often have to give it a little wiggle for the light to come on. When the light isn't on, the notification tray says it's charging, but the battery still runs down, so it isn't really charging.
This means I have to visually check the connector every time I connect it.

Every other device I own, I can plug in the charger and not have to visually check it. To me, this is a very poor design.


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Hi my surface charger magnetic connection is some times difficult to fit and and led is not on,have to readjust it never first time fit,
best magnetic connection is on my Blackberry Playbook its oval and magnet pulls it in no need to align it and works both ways round,
the best feature on playbook,


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It is not difficult for me to plug it in. My issue is keeping it plugged in unless it is sitting motionless on my desk. When using the tablet away from my desk, even the slightest motion causes it to unplug. Sadly if I do not notice, I run out of power when I think I'm charging.


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It's a terrible design with many customer complaints. The slightest nudge and the light will turn off and you won't be charging but think you are. It's a great concept and idea (Apple made it popular I think with their "magsafe" design) but the execution was poor. I don't understand how things like that get through QA testing in a big company like Microsoft.


I bought a cheap $20 45W surface pro charger from eBay and the connector is a lot better than the MS one.
It connects correctly every time without me having to wiggle it.
There is no light, but I can tell if it's not connect properly as I have my screen brightness set lower when on battery, so I see the screen get brighter when I connect the charger.

I've had it for 3 days now and use it every day in the office and have not had one instance where I thought it was charging and it wasn't.
Unlike the MS one where it would happen at least once per day.