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Surface Go - Face Recognition function not working - After 1903


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Been dealing with this stupid issue for ages. Removing drivers, reinstalling drivers, OS patches and updates, etc. Nothing resolved this issue.
Until I starting digging a little deeper into other causes of this issue and finally found a solution that worked for me after everything else failed.

Solution: Reset Windows Hello Biometric Database
  1. Windows Key + R to open Run command box.
  2. Type services.msc to launch the Services app.
  3. Locate Windows Biometric Service and turn it off. (R-Click on the service and select Stop)
  4. After this service is turned off, go to C:\Windows\System32\WinBioDatabase and copy this directory, like your desktop as a backup.
  5. Then delete all the files inside this directory.
  6. Go back to the Services app and restart the Windows Biometric Service. (R-Click on the service and select Start)
  7. This will allow you to remove your Windows Hello Face settings. Open Settings App and navigate to Accounts=>Sign-in Options=>Windows Hello Face. Click on Remove.
  8. Once removed, click on Set up, to reconfigure your Windows Hello Face.
  9. You will immediately notice that the Red Light next to the front camera comes on and you are able to use the IR camera to setup Windows Hello again.
  10. After, just log off and try to sign in with Windows Hello. It should work now.
Hope somebody finds this useful as I struggled with this for months before I finally found a solution.
Great post, this worked for me(sort of). To make this procedure easier after C:\Windows\System32\WinBioDatabase deleting all files, just restart computer and the Hello app will walk you through a setup procedure. So basically after step 5 just restart your computer.