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Surface has been out a few weeks - app growth is SLOW


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Pandora, Facebook, Words with Friends, Wired, Amazon, Paypal where are you at? This should be a priority for MS.

MS has nothing to do with it. It is up to the developers to get it done. If your favorite app is missing contact the company behind it. Enough people start asking then maybe they will get the app out.


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I agree but MS needs these apps. Esp for X-Mas advertising. I get asked about it all the time. You need that on the commercial so people feel comfortable switching. That way you get everything on the iPad and more (all the great Surface features).


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I think a big part of the problem is how apps are presented in the app store. They have a link for new releases & top free. What about top paid? Why would you not reward app devs and have a top paid section? Why not have a most downloaded section that covers free, paid, and whatever? People find new apps by browsing and learning what others are downloading, Microsoft is not covering that very well with the app store unfortunately.