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Surface Keyboard - High Quality


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I am in Shenzhen China for a time, and got my hands on the new Surface Keyboard at an electronics center for a test.

Lightweight but stable, beautiful feel, high quality design, just right key sound and touch. Uses AAA batteries. Bluetooth.





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always liked microsoft keyboards. If only they did a model with a trackpad instead on num pad.


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I set up the surface keyboard and surface mouse with my Lenovo desktop yesterday. They replaced the MS 5050 kb/mouse combo. I miss the palm rest, but key feel is much better. Actually, the best feel I've experienced in a while - easily as satisfying as the old IBM units. A side benefit - the silver/white color contrasts well with the black dust cover on my desk. The palm rest would make me consider the ergo unit but I have never liked the split kb feel - nothing natural or intuitive about it for me.