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Surface Pro 1 minute screen timeout?


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I've noticed that my Surface Pro's display will time out within about a minute, regardless of what I have set in the power options, and regardless of whether or not it's plugged in. I googled this and discovered that it could be related to an Exchange account group policy issue, so to be safe I just removed all extra accounts from my computer, and ran a file that would reset my group policy and supposedly fix the issue. However, after doing all that, rebooting multiple times, etc., my Surface will STILL time out after about one minute or less. Anyone else have this problem?


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Are you joined to an Active Directory Domain? The local Group Policy is applied first, then Domain and finally OU Group Policies. These policies have the ability to enforce Security and Power Settings. From an elevated Command Prompt type gpresult /z >c:\gpresult.txt and open the text file and you will be able to see the policies applied to your machine.
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