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Surface Pro 2 Temps while Gaming?


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Playing some WoW and hitting Temps over 80+ seems dangerous? Kinda bought this for a portable PC/Some Games on the go.... Is this normal?
Mine gets a little warm when charging, otherwise it's fine -- though I have no way of measuring the surface temperature, how are you measuring it? If it feels 'dangerous', you should contact support, maybe it's defective.
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It's a tablet, you've going to tax the CPU playing games so expect it to heat up and the fans to ramp up.
Fans didn't seem like they were ramping up and I was using RealTemp and the temps were 80's+ in a cold winter house.
No offense, but this is a variable question. There are many different contributing factors: including the case (if any), the ambient temperature, the game you're playing, the resolution settings and your expectations of what is dangerous vs. what is listed as dangerous.

Like others have suggested, support is best answer as opposed to our opinions.
In my experience, 80C is the limit. If you're going above 80 there may be a problem.

Playing CivilisationV my device would get to 80C quickly, but the cpu would throttle and fans ramp up, stopping temps from getting to 81. I used GPUz and CoreTemp to measure.
In my testing, the SP2 throttles at 80 degrees Celsius to maintain a max temperature of 80 degrees. Unless you put the SP2 in a bag or some other confined space, it'll be fine. Most computer parts these days can take up to 90 degrees and higher as their designed max operating temperatures.