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Surface Pro 3 frequent BSODs

Rahul Garg

New Member
I got my Surface Pro 3 i7 512GB this December. Although it's functioning well, I am experiencing frequent Blue Screen Of Deaths. The worst part is that even though MiniDumps are enabled, my surface is not logging the details of the crash. My surface restarts so quickly that I cannot read the error displayed. But I am pretty sure it always happens due to different errors. Once it happened because of Power_Drive_State_Failure. I cannot seem to fix it after trying almost every solution I can find. Please Help.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Have you done a *Reset* to factory?

Have you installed any 3rd party software that includes drivers? If so, remove it or If you do a Reset do not reinstall it right away. First need to establish if it will run with the base OS.

What Antivirus are you running? Don't run multiple.

Do you have any devices listed in Device Manager with Yellow Icons?