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Surface Pro 3 power connector problem


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I'm trying to repair the power connector for a surface pro 3 (the part that mates with the computer, not the power brick).

Obviously normally they're not worth repairing, and you'd just buy a new one, but I'm in a unique situation: I'm at the South Pole, where there is absolutely no mail service or package delivery until November, so ordering a new one isn't possible. My friend here has a Surface Pro 3, and only one power cord (no one here has a spare). The contacts on the connector he has are severely corroded, and I'm trying to fix it for him (or butcher the existing connector for parts to make a hacked-together new one) so he doesn't have to do without a computer until November.

But that leaves me in need of a wiring diagram or some kind of spec sheet for the connector.

Alternatively, does anyone know if it will charge (even verrrrrrry slowly) via the USB port?


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You're in a real pickle. Hope someone can help but it seems like a long shot.


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no you cannot charge through the USB, but it should be easy to clean the connector using a Q-tip and alcohol or even better if you can get your hands on is Acetone and remove all the corrosion... DRY THOROUGHLY before connecting and he/you should be good to go.


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Id say get your vinegar, salt, & baking soda and try this
How to perfectly clean wires in minutes!!! - All
Obviously you cant strip the wires, just put the whole connector in and maybe brush it with a toothbrush.
I have cleaned many a corroded battery terminals with vinegar and baking soda... never heard of adding salt before but hams are knowledge resourceful folks.

Then heat the connector with a hair dryer or something for a good while, leave it for a couple days to ensure it's dry.


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Tomato sauce would likely do a decent job as well... I used to make spaghetti in an iron skillet and afterwards it would be very clean :) so simmer that connector in some tomato sauce for 10-15 minutes it should be looking shiny. Again a little brushing wouldn't hurt.

Here's a list of Alkaline and Acidic foods in case you have to get really creative
Alkaline-Acid Food Charts | Greenopedia
I hear you can dissolve raw meat in soda (Coke) overnight due to the acidity.

Get your MacGyver on. :)