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Solved Surface pro 4 - not keeping time when turned off


So since the last couple of days, I'm facing the weirdest issues with my Surface Pro 4. It is unable to keep time while its shut down. So let's say if it turn it off at 9:30 PM and I turned it on the next day, 10 hours later, it will start at 9:31 PM, just where it left as if time hadn't passed. I was running the latest insider build but have rolled back to TH2, and reset the Surface and no luck. Has anyone experienced this before and know how to fix it? It certainly didn't occurs before and my surface pro 3 doesn't have the same behavior.


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I had exactly the same problem with my second SP3 , the first having been already replaced for another hardware fault.

After trying wiping back to factory settings and many other playing with settings, the retailer here in Scotland, not MS Store btw, agreed that it was a hardware fault and agreed to replace it.

As it was going to be my 3rd SP3 replaced in a matter of weeks, I paid extra and got tbe SP4, as I assumed these problems were more likely on SP3. From your experience, it looks as if some SP4s have the same issue. I never did find out what the cause of the clock issue was, as it was swapped out.

If I were you, I'd take it to the retailer under warranty. Sorry I don't have any answérs, but I feel you pain.