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surface pro 6 won't turn on


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I have Surface Pro 6 1796 and the battery was dead (couldn't be turned on without charger) so I changed it by myself. But now when I want to turn on the laptop the screen only blinks once really fast and thats everything what happens (it blinks only black but the lighter black like when you put the full black image on the LCD screen where black color is not really black). Do you guys think that I damaged the laptop inside somehow (probably shorted the motherboard) because I wasn't careful enough or is there any possibility to fix this. I was trying to be very careful so I don't know if I really shorted it.
Thank you for your answers.
Try using the volume/power button combo to enter bios. I THINK it's Power Button and Volume Down. Press and hold those two for like 10 seconds or something and see if it enters BIOS. Then in BIOS do a reset.