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Surface Pro Cracked Sceen


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I have a Surface Pro that I have had for only a few months. Taking it out of my briefcase (I had the keypad / cover in place) and the screen was cracked. Obviously in a briefcase it moves around and gets lightly bumped as I travel, but to have the screen crack with so little use and no dropping it or even a good bump is a huge disappointment in this products quality / toughness for a mobile device. Long story short I contacted Microsoft Service / Support and they charge about 370.00 to exchange the tablet with a replacement. Not even a repair option that I can find. I find 1. The cost outrageous and their policy of replace it or tough luck is a good way to get customers to look at other products for the future. 2. They didn't even have the decency to take a look at it before deciding it wasn't a warranty issue...... Ok here's the ultimate kicker, 3. They haven't even picked it up yet and they have already charged my credit card for the exchange. 4. Oh and when i entered my service request i was supposed to be contacted within about a day about the exchange and waited and waited until finally I had to call the local service / support number to get a call for the pick up....really bad service support again MS. Well Microsoft you just lost a future customer for any of your hardware. If the Surface Pro is any indicator of the quality / toughness of the products you make I don't want any part of anything you make in the future. While I am not an Apple fan by any means my wife has an ipad and iphone that she takes everywhere, and they get thrown in purses, handbags and bumped with everyday normal use and she's never had an issue like this. My daughter has a Samsung tablet and the same, she's a student and it goes everywhere with nary an issue. I will know better in the future than to trust MS. Bad engineering, refusal to take responsibility for your own goofs / badly engineered products / and then top it off with poor customer service. I have looked on the net and it appears this is a fairly widespread problem with the Surface. Caveat Emptor - I bought the Surface because my company uses a lot of MS software and I though I would get the Surface so I could have compatibility with all my software, doc, email I use in my office....big mistake.
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Friend I hate to say this, but you are just excessively whining. All those incidents that you're citing where your iDevices have never been damaged, well you are simply beating the odds so far. It WILL happen, to any device that gets carried around in the world. And it's definitely no fault of Microsoft's that your glass cracked.

As stated by another member in this thread-http://www.surfaceforums.net/threads/so-so-angry-right-now.3059/-- go to a different forum, that talks about ALL brands, makes and models of Tablets, Tablet PC's, Slates, Surfaces, etc., and you will find broken glass stories throughout.

I DO sympathize with you, but this is the reason I buy a warranty on anything that has a glass screen, that I would be mad about having to fix or replace it.


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I have been travelling the world for business for close to 40 years now and I will say I think I have a fairly good handle on what is considered normally durable for a mobile device and what isn't. I stand by my statement that the Surface is not designed properly for a mobile device and I further stand by the statement that other products out there do a better job in that area. Yes any device can suffer damage for bumps knocks and drops but in my personal experience the Surface takes very little to cause it some pretty severe and expensive damage . Also please note from my post it wasn't just about the cracked screen. Other issues with Microsoft were listed as well such as no even looking at the device before they make a judgment and further charging you for the replacement even before they pick up the damaged one. Since when do you pay the doctor before you make the trip to their office.


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You can stand by your statement, no problem, but it is the luck of the draw with any portable device. A tork here or a twerk there can crack the strongest touch screen out there. I have seen nothing to indicate that the screen failures on the Surface are any different from other tablets, or phones, all portable devices, made by insert manufacturer here.


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This is crazy, you had your surface pro 3 naked (even with the cover) in your briefcase flying around and you expected it to be safe? You have no idea how much things move around in there, so to say there weren't any major bumps is hard to believe.

I have my SP3 in a sleeve that offers decent protection where the edges wouldn't hit the SP3, but the sleeve would take the impact. On top of that I put that sleeve in my cushioned laptop bag.

That is how careful I am with my products, you should have been more careful.
I have to agree with the others who say you should have protected your screen better. I see a lot of people at work, on planes, at church, etc., who have cracked screens on iPhones, Androids, and tablets of all sorts. It's a fairly common occurrence: when you have glass and it falls, it breaks.

I think you weren't getting the point of malberttoo's comment about purchasing the warranty. You're response to him was, "since when do you pay the doctor before you make the trip to their office". I'm sure you pay for medical insurance, right? Well then...


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Hm, all I read is 'I broke my SP becase I didn't take care of it. It's MS's fault!'..
I carry my SP around a lot (in a sleeve), all that 'broke' so far is that the cover of the type-cover-connector started to peel off itself (hm sounds strange, but I'm no native english speaker so excuse that please, I hope you know what I mean ;) ). The cover has been replaced without any problems.

What about something like this?