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What will your next HYBRID be?


This is what is amazing about the new hybrids. They truly are laptop / tablet replacements with NO sacrifices. All the power, ports, functionality and battery life of a laptop and all the portability, touch and convenience of a tablet.

Yup.. I will be strongly looking into hybrids now that Haswell is powering them. My ideal laptop replacement though... I hate to say it, is the Northcape reference design that Intel showed off at CES. It's Haswell and the screen is 13 inches but converts into 11 inches when in tablet mode so you have some space to grab on to. I think you can also use it as a 13" tablet if you really wanted to (with no bezel) but I'm not sure on that. Either way, that thing is a beast. Detachable keyboard, Haswell, 13" when in laptop mode and 11 when in tablet mode... Plus it looks really thin too. I forget how thin it is though.

I wish it were for sale and not just a reference design... I used to think for tablets, the smaller the better and that 7-8 inches was ideal but now that I'm carrying around my Surface RT it's not so bad. It's kinda worth it just for the extra screen real estate alone. Plus I'm liking some things about Windows more than other tablet OSs...


I'm very happy with my Pro, but if the Pro2 is thinner and provides better battery life, then i'm all over it. I love new gadgets. I hope MS does not change the screen size. It's great and i don't like 11,6" tablets...


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Yeah... I would not like a 11" tab...too unwieldy for me. A Surface Pro (2) without the current limitations of weight, heat would be ideal. Alternatively, the current Surface RT with enhancements like using alternate browsers, the ability to use PGP, Tor and other security apps would be even more ideal. I don't think legacy programs (aside from the security stuff) are on my radar. Eventually, perhaps a 3G/ 4G capability would be good. MS should also do something about accessing the MicroSD card without jumping through hoops. Ideal form factor remains the Surface RT....for me, that is.


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Have you heard the news about the 256gb version of the pro????

The one in China you mean? My point is that if there is really going to be a SP II shouldn't we be hearing A LOT about it from MS? Instead all we hear is speculation from 3rd parties. Everyone else is coming out with their Haswell designs between now and the holidays but MS is going to wait until 2014 for the SP II (if there is one)? Why does MS always sit around and wait until their competitors have already saturated the market before they release something? Every time.


The one that Japan released with 256gb...they're being sold behind the scenes to the bigger enterprise corps in the US not to consumers yet but I would suspect as soon as suppliers get a decent qty on hand MS will open up to reg customers.