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What will your next HYBRID be?


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As we all know, Haswell is here along with some pretty amazing new hybrid designs. Seems like it will be around Christmas before the new hotness becomes available.

So, here's the question. Will you upgrade or keep your Surface Pro until it falls apart from old age? If you upgrade will you wait till 2014 and the Surface Pro II or will you jump ship for something else? If something else, what has caught your eye thus far? Last question, if you upgrade, what happens to your Surface Pro?

Right now I am planning on moving to the Dell XPS 11 (Ultra HD 11.6" screen, Yoga Style Hinge, Haswell i5, Digitizer Pen, Carbon Fiber Body, Multi-Ports, Semi-Flat Keys, Super-Thin) the second it comes out. I like my SP, but come on, that XPS 11 is just going to be SICK. I could sell my SP and probably get around $650 to $700 for it by then but more than likely I'll just give it to the GF.

What's your plan?
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I thought so too. See here: "Dell XPS 11 Hands-On" - Videos - Viddler

I would probably look to see how Surface 2 turns out. While I love the RT at the moment and I don't foresee the need for any legacy apps on it, I am coming to appreciate the problems associated with the lack of installing other browsers. Specifically, I would like to install a PGP software and the Tor bundle. If I could do so on the RT, I would be happy. But I don't think that is going to happen with the RT. That leaves me with the Pro. But the Pro - as it stands now - is too bulky for me. And, battery life is too short (for me, that is). But, if Version 2 gets slimmer, lighter, does away with the fans (which, even with Haswell, I am not sure about), then I am all for it.
What's your plan?. . . if you upgrade, what happens to your Surface Pro?

Mitchell --

No plan. The Pro is now my laptop, and I usually keep laptops at least a couple of years. My desktop is my main work machine and will so remain unless somebody figures out how to cram a lot of stuff into a tablet. I normally upgrade my desktop at least once a year, sometimes more often. I usually build a new one when Intel releases new processors. Right now I'm looking at the new i7-4770. That plus a new ASUS M/B, plus some other stuff, and a couple of rainy days to keep me inside is all it takes. If I have a busy summer, I may wait and look at the I7-4930. I'm a lot like you in that respect. If there is hot new stuff out there, I soon develop a desperate need for it. Fortunately, I have a more elaborate downstream distribution system -- I have kids and grandkids.

Now, just because I have no plan to upgrade the Pro doesn't mean I won't if something with the right temperature of "hotness" (to use your term) comes along. In that case, my Pro would go to my younger son, since he has the most use for it. He recently asked if he could "borrow it." Yeah, right. Been there before. His laptop is his main machine for work, home, et al.

The funny part is that I did not originally intend to buy a Pro, except the one I bought for Ladyfriend to replace her laptop. However, I really enjoyed setting hers up. When I finished and gave it to her, she declared, "You need one." I declared that I did not. She replied, "I already order," and changed the subject. So, I became the unwitting, but assuredly not unwilling, owner of a new Surface Pro. That's how I became the owner of an Ipad, which I really did not want, and used it exclusively as a reader. When she decides to do something like that, trying to talk her out of it is like arguing with a stump. She's an interesting Lady.

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I still have the funds on hold for the 256gb surface pro so one of these other devices may end up with a new home instead...lol☺. It has to be light, portable, be able to handle programming, etc. another words do what the pro does plus...
At this stage I am very happy with the pro. It does everything I need. Maybe would look at the pro 2 if and when it comes out.nothing else out there really floats my boat a this stage.
The Dell XPS 11 has been announced at trade shows but will not be available for sale until the holidays.
Oh...maybe it was just a display device but I played with this at best buy the other day...if I wouldn't have been in so much pain I would have taken pics n stuff but I stopped in quick n left just as quick...hate best buy.
Let's wait just 2 weeks, I won't decide anything before BUILD.
That will be exciting...but if any of my friends stop in this best buy ill have them get pics n info for everyone on the xps. The reps said they had to remove the Lenovo when the xps 11 came in.
You all know that the XPS 11 has a TOUCH keyboard, don't you? I need the 2560 x 1440 screen, but I need more the type keyboard so Surface Pro would be my choice today. 256 GB version, BUILD... let's wait.
Lol I heard that. The 256 is what I've been wanting but I'm not waiting until Xmas, my computer is dying n I have school work to do.