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Surface Pro Heat Damage ?


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Howdy Everyone,

I am really enjoying my Surface Pro, and was wiping the screen down with a microfiber cloth the other day, and noticed a slight gap on the top left-hand side of the screen. The gap seems to be where the top and side panels meet, but it is a little uneven. The same gap on the right-hand side is not nearly as big. Is this normal, or has my Surface case been potentially warped due to excess heat? I don't remember the gap being so noticeable until recently. It is also possible that this is a normal deviation and nothing to be concerned with, but I thought I would ask here to get others' opinions. Thanks!

Rich S.


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Could have been a slight defect you never noticed before. I run my SP as hard as it can go and the CPU never gets above 80C. I have no warping or gapping on my screen.

One thing to do in Power Settings is to make sure your Fan Settings are always on Active and not Passive. Why MS sets these at Passive by default under battery power is beyond me. There is no way you can cool an i5 CPU with no airspace passively without cooking things:

Control Panel >> Power Options >> Change Plan Settings >> Change Advanced Power Settings >> Processor power management >> System cooling policy >>

On battery: [COLOR="#0000FF"]ACTIVE[/COLOR]
Plugged in: [COLOR="#0000FF"]ACTIVE[/COLOR]