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Is there ANY wireless keyboard adapter out there that works with Surface BOOK?

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Surface Book user here.

I REALLY want to improve my posture & my life at my keyboard, and one major way to do that is to have my screen higher, while keyboard stays same.

This is why wireless keyboards exist. But it seems CRAZY to buy ANOTHER wireless keyboard, when I already have a detachable keyboard! Part of the benefits of being a surface user, no?

I've done some research for a wireless keyboard adapter and I've gotten mixed info.

There is a product page for a wireless keyboard adapter on Microsoft.com that says that it IS compatible with Surface Book: Microsoft Surface Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers | Bluetooth keyboard adapter

But other reports (amazon reviews) say this product is NOT competible with Surface Book

Can any brilliant person tell me if there is a wireless keyboard adapter for Surface Book, which will let me use my SB with the keyboard I already have while the screen is raised?

And if any MS product person is reading this, PLEASE make this a thing!

Thank you in advance!
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