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Surface Pro puts a smile on my face


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I've had lots of other tablets from iPads to Nooks to Galaxy's etc. They were all mostly toys. I always wanted a tablet that could work hard and play hard and that's what I have with the SP. Things are a little slow at work today so I created a VM with the Win 8.1 preview to play around with. I could never even dream of doing something like that with my previous tablets. This thing rocks and I have to say I'm very impressed with 8.1.


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Thanks for your recommendation - I am seriously considering the Win 8.1 preview. I agree that the Surface is definitely the adult in a room full of children when it comes to other tablets.

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Even though the Surface Pro does rock, I think it has to do a lot with the Windows 8 environment. I think MS is on the right track.


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The pro with a type cover and you got something that beats most ultrabooks while still being a tablet when you need one.
and yes how do you run a vm on a Ipad?