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Surface RT 2, Pro 2, and Smartphone


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RT 2 rumoured to be powered by Qualcomm and Pro powered by AMD. Surface Smartphone rumoured to be manufactured by FIH for 1Q2013 release.

I hope the Smartphone rumour is true. Perhaps I should hold back my purchase of the HTC 8s.


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I don't see why they would go with a Snapdragon S4 for RT2... I'd rather they go with a Tegra 4 personally since it will have a huge GPU boost and that's what the Surface needs the most IMO. The S4's Adreno 320 isn't that much better than the Tegra 4 but is still much weaker than what Apple is pushing...


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There is a Surface RT 2 already in the works???

I just ordered my RT yesterday :( should I cancel my order and wait?

Then again, these probably won't be released til this time next year, had it been in the first half of 2013, then I may have waited, but I can't wait a year to get my hands on a Surface...

almost had a hint of buyers remorse... sheesh!
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The person who spread out these rumours online hasn't been 100% accurate in the past. It would be nice to see a windows phone though... As for surface rt 2...its more likely its coming out 4Q 2014. That's my best guess.


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MS_nerd I think is his online alias... But I'd like him to be right on the Surface Smartphone :D


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Its a rumor, but you can't wait your whole life for the next generation, or you will never buy anything. This is the funnest time to own a Surface anyways. I read that the Surface is not managing the 5 cores of the Tegra3 very well so there is very little mulitasking going one and we should since some performance boosts once MS optimizeds the software. I would like to see faster load times of apps - Initial startup of an app is pretty bad.
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